Default settings from Constants

First of all, Configure Default settings in Constants

  • Step 1: Go to Template.
  • Step 2: Select root page.
  • Step 3: Select Constant Editor from drop-down.
  • Step 3: Select Constant Editor > PLUGIN.TX_NSCOMMENTS.
Select extension in Constant Editor

Email Configuration

Here, you can configure the emails received by Admin when visitor add comment.

Email Settings
  • Enable Mail: Check this checkbox to enable Email to Admin whenever any comment is posted.
  • [TO] E-Mail: Set the Email address where Email should be sent. Generally it is Admin’s email.
  • [TO] Admin Name: Set the Admin name.
  • [FROM] E-Mail: Set From Email for email sent to Admin
  • [FROM] Name: Set Sender Name for email sent to Admin
  • Subject: Set Email Subject.

Comment Configuration

Comment Settings
  • Set Approval by admin: If this checkbox is checked, only those comments will be published which are enabled by Admin/System user. When visitor add any comment, by default, it will be disabled in backend. Once Admin/system user enables it, it will be displayed on page. If checkbox is unchecked, all comments posted by visitors will be displayed immediately on page.
  • Terms required: Check this checkbox to add Terms checkbox in Comment form. This will be required field.
  • Terms typolink parameter: Set the Terms page for above checkbox.
  • Add Sitekey for Google reCAPTCHA v2: Set Google reCaptcha v2 sitekey. You can get it from here:

CSS/JS Settings

CSS/JS Settings

Here, you can set your own CSS & JS for this extension.

Main Configuration

Main Settings

Here you can set default setiings of Comments plugin. If any of the field in Comment plugin is not defined, value set here will be used.

Add Comment Plugin

You can add Comment plugin from Add element wizard

Add Comment Plugin

Now, set all the settings of Comment plugin

Main Configuration

Comment Plugin - Main Configuration

Custom Date Format: Check this checkbox to use custom date format to display in Comment list.

Date Format: You can use any of the standard date format as well.

Time Format: You can use any of the standard time format as well.

Captcha Settings: You can set whether to display Captcha or not. You can select one of the options from below:

  • None: Disable Captcha
  • Image Captcha: Display Image Captcha. It will look like this:
Image Captcha Demo

Note: If you select Image Captcha, you should enable .htaccess file which is placed in Private folder of this extension.

  • Google reCAPTCHA v2 : Display Google reCAPTCHA v2. Make sure to add Sitekey in Constant. It will look like this:
Google Captcha Demo

Add User Image: Add user image to display for all commments.

Display Comment Plugin on all pages of your site

You can display comment plugin on all pages of your website by adding below fluid object in your template file.

<f:cObject typoscriptObjectPath="lib.tx_nscomments.comments" />

That’s it, Now you can enjoy comments of your website visitors :)