What does it do?

EXT:ns_gallery is a TYPO3 extension which allows website Administartors to add beautiful Galleries to their website. EXT:ns_gallery provides variety of galleries to choose from and allow administrators to present media to website user in best possible way. Galleries in this extensions are not limited to just images and it also allow to add self-hotsted Videos, YouTube Videos & Vimeo Videos.

Following Galleries are available with this extension:

1. Album View (Open in same/new page)

2. Masonary View

3. Isotope View

4. Mosaic View

5. Slider View & Carousel View

6. Google Search View

7. Zoom View


  • Backend Dashboard
  • Manage Gallery & Albums from Backend
  • Load More / Pagination
  • Responive Galleries
  • DeepLinking/Hash
  • Lazy Load
  • Themes (Default, Dark)

Lightbox FEATURES:

  • Navigation arrows
  • Full Screen
  • Mouse Dragging
  • Image Counter
  • Slider Loop
  • Thumbnail
  • Zoom option
  • Slideshow
  • Manage Slideshow Speed
  • Download images


Album View

Album Gallery

Masonary View

Masonary Gallery

Isotope View

Isotope Gallery

Mosaic View

Mosaic Gallery

Slider View

Slider Gallery

Google Search View

Google Search View

Zoom View

Zoom View