Install Template

T3Terminal’s TYPO3 Templates are very easy to install and configure.

Step 1: Go to Extension Manager

Step 2: Install “ns_basetheme” Extension, Get latest version from here

Step 3: (If required) Install “gridelements” Extension, Get latest version from here

Step 4: Install your “ns_theme_themename” Extension

Install Base Template

Site Management

To use TYPO3 v9’s site management module, Either you can create manually new site configuration, or you can simply use our pre-configured site configuration with following steps.

Step 1: Create typo3conf/sites/ns_basetheme folder (In composer based installation, you will have /config directory)

Step 2: Copy typo3conf/ext/ns_basetheme/sites/ns_basetheme/config.yaml to newely created folder at typo3conf/sites/ns_basetheme

Step 3: Now, you can configure the Site related settings like Site’s Entry Point, Languages, Error Handling, etc.

Site Management

Page Tree

Once you install your TYPO3 Template extension, it will automatically generate “Page tree” in your TYPO3 backend with all the content.

Page Tree